Traditional European Style Greenhouse

solar Freezes in the winter
ecological Fries in the summer
organic Requires electrical hookup for fans and vents
passive Requires propane, natural gas, fuel oil or electricity and a heater to keep from freezing
thermal Moderate cost to build
renewable 5 year guarantee on frame
organic Moderate to expensive to maintain
The new Passive Solar Greenhouse

ecological Solar heat from the sun keeps it warm
greenhouse  Active solar venting and fans keep it cool
solar mass Harvests, stores, and delivers water to plants
garden  Moderate cost to build
plants Building will last a lifetime
farming Inexpensive to maintain

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The economical, ecological alternative for 4-season gardening
2000 - Passive Solar greenhouse     2007 - Passive Solar Greenhouse
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Cathy Hope Pecha Kucha Night - Taos, NM


Figtree/Greenhouse View Winter 2009


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